Monday, August 3, 2015

The War on RFI: Mission Accomplished

I am happy to report, I have quashed the RFI enemy, and we have entered a peace keeping role!

After completing the video and post yesterday regarding my new balun, I still was having some thumping in my powered speakers.  I thought it was coming from my mixer as the issue went away when I unplugged the speakers from the mixer.

In all of my attempts to fix the problem, I took apart the subwoofer/amplifier of the speaker system and found a grounding point that I used to tie to the station ground (ground lug on my power supply). After all, all the wisdom is "ground everything to a single point."  Well it turns out, this was bad advice in this case!  I was about to give up when I just ripped the wire out and sure enough, that cleared up the last bit of RFI!

Such a great relief to know I don't have to mess with that anymore after all the hours I've spent routing and re-routing wires.

Moral of the story? Take your time, attack the problem one step at a time, and eventually you'll figure it out!

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