Thursday, June 6, 2013

QRP is not for me.

How many times have you heard that? Or what about, "Those QRP guys need to get amps, all the hard work is done by the receiving station, they should get extra points for working QRP guys."

Yeah, this is one of those posts.  You may want to stop reading now... I'll wait for you to close the window...

Still here?

I regularly check eBay and the other normal selling places for QRP gear and once a week or so I'll find a listing for an FT-817 or a KX3 or something similar with the phrase, "Tried for a while, QRP just isn't for me."  Is it safe to assume these same guys had a 100 watt radio before?  I think so.  Do these guys not know  most radios have a knob that controls the output power down to QRP levels?  You don't have to go spend thousands of dollars to find out "QRP isn't for you."  Just turn that thar knob my friend!

Which brings me to point #2.  I thought QRP meant the receiving station did all the work... hmm... If that were the case, then why would QRP be too hard?

Hmm... let that one mull around in your head a while...

"Because QRO is just too easy"

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