Sunday, January 22, 2012

NAQP CW and Selling the K2

Last week I participated in the  NA QSO Party for CW from the home QTH.  The NAQP is a great contest for new contesters and QRPers.  The max power is 100w so you wont get blasted by high power stations and the pace is slower than most other contests.  I again put the Collins Radio Club's K3 to use and it performed admirably as expected.  I put a full effort into the contest and was very surprised to see my score at the end of it:

                        Score Summary Sheet

                CALLSIGN: W0EA
                 CONTEST: NAQP-CW

                  Result: 430 QSO Pts x 133 Mpl = 57,190 Total

       Band      QSOs    RX_Num    Points     Dupes     Total
      160m:         0         0         0         0         0
       80m:       146        42       146         0       146
       40m:       130        41       130         0       130
       20m:        98        33        98         2       100
       15m:        47        15        47         0        47
       10m:         9         2         9         0         9

       Sum:       430       133       430         2       432

Which brings us to the next topic... Having used the K3 in several contests now, I am growing more and more excited about the KX3.  News came down from the Collins club that they would be funding a fully tricked out K-Line: 500w Amp, Pan Adapter, 2nd Receiver, the works.  This means I get to keep the K3 for another few weeks, hopefully long enough to hold me over until the KX3 ships.  That means, it is time to unload the K2 before prices tank again.  Parting with the K2 is bittersweet.  I did not build the rig but bought it built by Dale Parfitt, W4OP.  I did get to put my spin on it as I built the tuner and SSB board myself.  The radio has treated me well over the last 4 years or so and I will miss it, I am sure, but the KX3 will bring many changes to my operating hopefully for the better.  Alas, I hope the next owner loves the K2 as much as I have.  Just 5 more weeks until KX3 time!

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