Monday, October 24, 2011

Moving week

The new QTH!
Sorry for no update this weekend!   My wife and I are packing up to move to the new QTH, our first home!  We close on Thursday then moving day is Friday so I probably won't have an update next weekend either.  I will be doing some antenna work over there so I might have something to say. 

On Saturday I went to the Iowa/Indiana football game and had a blast and got a sun burn!  When we got home, I hit the radio for a while since my wife was still at work.  10m was open all over but mostly to JA.  I worked 2 JA stations in quick succession as well as some other DX entities.  I keep running into the TX7M pileups and just shake my head, they sound just like the ST0R pileups - a huge mess.  Compared to the T32C guys, TX7M is just a lot rougher and less refined.  I did manage to break through on 40m Sunday night and work them with 5w.  I am still in need of T32C on 20m for a clean sweep on CW (minus 160 since I don't have it). 

That is all for now, hope to have something more exciting when I get the new antenna up at the new house and I get the shack put together.  See you then!

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  1. Welcome to the new QTH Tom and I look forward to reports of much great DX being worked from there.

    Perhaps a loaded vertical for Top Band in the back garden one day.......?



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