SOTABEAMS LASERBEAM-817 Installation Service


The SOTABEAMS LASERBEAM-817 is a digital audio filter that you can place inside an FT-817 that drastically improves the receive audio of this great little radio.  The filter works in SSB and CW modes.  The cost of a dual crystal filter is over $200, and you still have to install it yourself!  Even then, the LASERBEAM-817 is a better filter.  Don't waste your money!

While the installation is not very difficult, it does require opening the radio and working in close proximity to very very small components.  If you find this challenging, that is where I come in!  I have extensive experience building kits of all kinds, especially Steve Webber's MTR.  You can be sure my LASERBEAM-817 installation will be clean and professional.

The LASERBEAM-817 will work in any FT-817, even if the OEM filters are installed.

Save time by ordering your installation from me!  Normal shipment from the UK takes over a week and then you have to find the time in your busy schedule to install the filter.  I can turn around a radio much faster than you could do yourself!  Let me take care of you!

Customers who would like to have a LASERBEAM-817 filter fitted in their 817 will need to send me their radio, preferably using an insured shipping carrier (UPS/DHL/Fedex/USPS).  I will install the filter from my stock and return the radio via USPS Priority mail. The price for this service is $110 which includes the filter, installation, and return shipping.  You can have your radio back to you in about a week after receipt.

To arrange installation of your LASERBEAM-817 filter, or for any questions, please email me directly at and I will issue a Paypal invoice.